Folly & Error

single-channel video, 09:13, 2004


Folly & Error is part of Handelman’s project This Delicate Monster (2004/07), a multimedia pop fable inspired by Charles Baudelaire’s nineteenth century collection of poems, Les Fleurs du Mal. These are the twins Baudelaire refers to in his poems – folly and error, pain and pleasure, life and death, happiness and sorrow – caught in an endless Sisyphean landscape of struggle and desire.

Handelman’s This Delicate Monster transposes the Les Fleurs du Mal into a pop landscape, creating a haunting and hallucinatory fragmented narrative that lies somewhere between a horror film and a fashion shoot gone terribly wrong. The project consists of several videos works, photographs, and site-specific performances.

“Handelman achieves a personal and emotional resonance that approaches mythic complexity in its resistance of narrative resolution.”

Stephen Maine, Artnet Magazine


Director/Editor: Michelle Handelman
Performers: Tori Sparks, Michelle Handelman
Costumes: Garo Sparo
Camera: Quin Charity
Sound Design: Michelle Handelman

This Delicate Monster