Candyland 1999, single channel video, 05:36

“Handelman presents herself as an obsessive devouring action machine. Consuming and regurgitating pure crystal in an act of compulsive consumption.” Michael Rush, New York Times

The camera is stable, fixed, replicating in pure objectivity. The artist is motion, slow, studied in obsessive concentration. This piece came from a daydream of geometry and perversion. A candy doll character travels the two-dimensional plane. Little dog licking the floor, looking for bytes, loving that smooth groove of wood. Consuming uncut gems for pure mineral power. Destabilizing the voyeur because all action starts and ends with the mirror of the lens.
Candyland is one of a series of studio performances from Handelman’s multimedia project Cannibal Garden that examines constructed identity as it mutates through digital space. In an act of autoeroticism contamination is contained within the lens. Using artifice as costume and mining sci-fi, anime and horror films for psychological interactions, Candyland explores the dimensions of the digital image, by imprisoning the virtual body within a static frame in order to attempt to escape it.

Director: Michelle Handelman
Camera: Michelle Handelman
Performer: Michelle Handelman
Music: Orbital, Vision Torn Apart

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